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Title Issue #'s Publisher
Action Comics (part A) 360,368,375,377,389,394,396-398,417,433,455,491 DC
Action Comics (part B) 508,511,523,534,538,559,560,563,575,584,590,594 DC
Action Comics (part C) 687-689,690-695 Annual 1 DC
Adventure Comics 378,381,382,460,466,479,481,482,484,488 DC
Adventurers 0-10 Adventure
Adventurers 1-2 Aircel
Adventures of Superman (formerly Superman) 430,500,501,504-509 DC
Alpha Flight 17,33,36,53 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man 38,53,77,78,83,86,112,125,134,149,155,156,161,162 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part B) 164,167,168,171-175,181-183,186,187-189,191-193 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part C) 195-203,205,206,209,213,215,216,218,219,221-224 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part D) 227-229,231,232,235-238,240,241,243-247 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part E) 249-251,253-255,257,258,261,262,268-301,306 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part F) 308-316,324,325,327,329,332-337,339,341-343,358 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man (part G) 362,363,365-386,388-391,393,396,400-405 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man Annuals Annual 2,12,16,19-22 (21, both covers),26,27 Marvel
Amazing Spider-man Special 7 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man Super Special 1 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice 1 Marvel
Ambush Bug limited series 1-4 DC
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer 1 DC
Avengers (part A) 11,41,42,45,56,61,73,78,92,160,199-201,204,206,211 Marvel
Avengers (part B) 214-216,221,227-230,232,234-236,238,239,243,246 Marvel
Avengers (part C) 247,249-252,254,247,259,260,263,271,273-275 Marvel
Avengers (part D) 278-299,303,310,311,314,350,368,369 Marvel
Avengers (part E) Annual 10,13,14,16,17 Marvel
Avengers Collectors Edition 1 Marvel
Avengers Spotlight (formerly Solo Avengers) 1-8,13,14,26,27 Marvel
Avengers West Coast (formerly West Coast Avengers) 1-53,55,74,86,88,99 Annual 2,3,5 Marvel
Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library 52 Charlton
Bartman 1 Bongo
Batman 145,292,294,296,297,303,304,308,331,338,384,388 DC
Batman (part B) 400,404-411,415-417,419,498-505 Annual 11 DC
Batman and the Outsiders 27 DC
Batman/Grendel 1 (Devil's Riddle), 2 (Devil's Masque) DC/Comico
Beauty and the Beast limited series 1-4 Marvel
Blackhawk limited series Book One: Blood & Iron DC
Blackthorne 3 in 1 1 (signed) Blackthorne
Blue Beetle 1,11,12 DC
Bugs Bunny mini-series 1-3 DC
Captain America 219,254,289,308,317,319,320,323,332,336,337,339 Marvel
Captain America (part B) Annual 8 Marvel
Captain Atom 11 DC
Captain Carrot: Oz-Wonderland War 1 DC
Comet Man 4 Marvel
Contest of Champions limited series 1-3 Marvel
Cosmic Boy 1 DC
Crazy 3 Marvel
Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series 1-7,9-12 DC
Crossed Swords 1 KZ
Daredevil 245,267,319-325 Marvel
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear limited series 1,2 Marvel
Darkhawk 19 Marvel
Dazzler 40-42 Marvel
DC 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-20 DC
DC Challenge 1-12 DC
DC Comics Presents (part A) 1,10,11,13,20,24,27.31,32,34,39,41,43-45,47,50,52 DC
DC Comics Presents (part B) 55,58,59,64,66,67,69,71,74-76,79,81-86 Annual 1,2 DC
Death's Head II 1 Marvel (UK)
Defenders 123,140-142,146,149-152 Marvel
Dennis the Menace 1 Marvel
Detective Comics 516,550,575-579,582,585,665-671 DC
Doctor Strange 74 Marvel
Doom Patrol (1987) 1,2 DC
DP7 1,2 Marvel (NU)
DragonLance 1-3,5 DC
Dragonring 2 Aircel
Elf Warrior 2 Adventure
Eternals 2 Marvel
Excalibur 1,3,57,58,71,79 Marvel
Fallen Angels limited series 1-8 Marvel
Fallen Empires on the world of M:TG 1 Armada
Fantastic Four (part A) 21,61,64,68,81,84,89,91,92,96,98,100,101,136,139 Marvel
Fantastic Four (part B) 144,150,166,176,180,215,218,248,252,267,279 Marvel
Fantastic Four (part C) 282-286,295-297,299-315,317-322,326-328 Marvel
Fantastic Four (part D) 332-333-4,336,372,374,380,381,382,384,387 Marvel
Fantastic Four Annual Annual 19,20,22 Marvel
Fantastic Four Giant-Size 6 Marvel
Fantastic Four Special 4,6 Marvel
Felicia Hardy: Black Cat 1 Marvel
Firestar limited series 1-4 Marvel
Firestorm 15,16 DC
Firestorm 67 DC
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man Annual 2 DC
First Six-Pack 1,2 First
Flash 282,284,292,318,326,332,337-341,343,345,346 DC
Flash vol. 2 1-3,5-8,10,12,81-83 Annual 1 DC
Four Star Spectacular 5 DC
Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe 1 Marvel
G.I. Joe 1-50 Marvel
G.I. Joe and the Transformers 1-3 Marvel
G.I. Joe Order of Battle 1,2 Marvel
G.I. Joe Special Missions 1,2 Marvel
G.I. Joe Yearbook 1,3,4 Marvel
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters 1-3 DC
Green Lantern 90,187-189,197,209 DC
Hawkeye limited series 1,2 Marvel
Hercules: Prince of Power limited series 1,2 Marvel
Hercules: Prince of Power mini-series 1-4 Marvel
Heroes For Hope starring The X-Men 1 Marvel
History of the DC Universe 1,2 DC
House of Mystery 225,300-302 DC
Howard the Duck limited series 1-3 Marvel
Ice Age on the world of M:TG 1,2 Armada
Iceman limited series 1-4 Marvel
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 1,2 Marvel
Incredible Hulk 147,210,271,283,284,302,312,337,349,350,363 Marvel
Incredible Hulk and Wolverine 1 Marvel
Infinity, Inc. Special 1 DC
Invaders 6,8-11,19-22,24-28,33 Marvel
Iron Man 70,186,187,191,194,196-199,201,204,206,249 Marvel
Iron Man (part B) Annual 4,7 Marvel
Jack of Hearts limited series 1-4 Marvel
Jemm Son of Saturn 4 DC
Jimmy Olson 125 DC
Justice 1-4,7,8 Marvel (NU)
Justice League America (vol. 1) 45,56,137,194,212,217,230,231,233,239,241-243,257 DC
Justice League America (vol. 2) 1-22,24-31,33,35,42,71,76,80-83 Ann. 1,3 Special 1 DC
Justice League Europe 1,3-8 DC
Justice League Task Force 1,5 DC
Kickers, Inc. 1-3 Marvel (NU)
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine 1-5 Marvel
Legends (86) mini-series 4 DC
Legion of Substitute Heroes Special 1 DC
Legion of Super-Heroes 261,265,267-270,272-274,276,277,279-281-284 DC
Lois Lane 126 DC
Magik limited series 1-3 Marvel
Mantech: Robot Warriors 1-3 Archie
Mark Hazzard: MERC 1 Marvel (NU)
Marvel Age Annual 3 Marvel
Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 21(poor),42(Tigra),53(Black Panther) Marvel
Marvel Comics Presents 1,6,11 Marvel
Marvel Double Feature 7,20 Marvel
Marvel Fanfare 3 Marvel
Marvel Movie Showcase: Star Wars 1 Marvel
Marvel No-Prize 1 Marvel
Marvel Premiere 35(poor) Marvel
Marvel Saga 1,2,13,15,16 Marvel
Marvel Spotlight 9 Marvel
Marvel Super Action 7,20,29 Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes 25,80 Marvel
Marvel Tales (part A) 9,10,23,24,27,40,46,59,61,62,72,73,75,76,79,80,88 Marvel
Marvel Tales (part B) 92,94,97-103,105,106,108,110-114,117,118,120,128 Marvel
Marvel Tales (part C) 136-139,141,142,145,149,150,170,180,181,207 Marvel
Marvel Team-Up 16,42,43,50,51,57,59,61,62,69,76-78,81-83,89,90,92 Marvel
Marvel Team-Up (part B) 94-96,98,100,101,103-106,108-111,118-121,123,124 Marvel
Marvel Team-Up (part C) 131-133,135,137,138,140-143,145-150 Annual 5-7 Marvel
Marvel Triple Action 37 Marvel
Marvel Two-in-One 2,31,33,51,67,74,76,78,89,93,96-99 Marvel
Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 1,3-5,8 Marvel
Marvel's Greatest Comics 25,27,28,40,69-75,79 Marvel
Mazing Man 1-5 Special 1,2 DC
Mephisto vs…. Limited series 1-4 Marvel
Micronauts 17,31-34,36,41 Marvel
Micronauts: The New Voyages 16 (Secret Wars II) Marvel
Mighty Crusaders 1 Red Circle
Millenium limited series 1-4,7,8 DC
Mister Miracle Special 1 DC
Mister Miracle (1972) 18 DC
Moon Knight 8 Marvel
Myth Conceptions 1 Apple
New Adventures of Superboy 1-3,7-9,11,23,25,36,37,41,46,49-52 DC
New Mutants 8,100 Marvel
New Titans 97 DC
New Warriors Annual 2 Marvel
Nightcrawler limited series 1,2,4 Marvel
Nightmask 1,2,8 Marvel (NU)
Ninja Elite 2 Adventure
Nova 12 Marvel
Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men 1 (poor) Marvel
Official Marvel Index to Spider-man 1 Marvel
Outsiders Special 1 DC
Phantom Zone limited series 1 DC
Phoenix: The Untold Story 1 Marvel
Plop 19,20 DC
Power Man and Iron Fist (formerly Luke Cage, Power Man) 32,58,62,71-73,75,77,84,85,87,90,92,108,121 Marvel
Power Pack 1-34,35-39,41-44,46,48 Marvel
Psi Force 1-3 Marvel (NU)
Punisher 1-4 Marvel
Punisher limited series 1-4 Marvel
Punisher War Journal 3,6,14,15 Marvel
Quest for Dreams Lost 1 (TMNT, Trollords,The Realm, etc.) Various Independents
Questprobe 1(Hulk),2(Spider-Man),3(Human Torch/Thing) Marvel
Red Tornado limited Series 1,4 DC
Return of the Jedi 1 (poor),2-4 Marvel
Robin limited series 1 DC
Robotech Defenders mini-series 1,2 DC
Rom 32,35,50,66,68,72 Annual 3 Marvel
Secret Origins (1973) 3 DC
Secret Origins (1986) 1-3,10,14,22 DC
Secret Wars II 1-9 Marvel
Secret Wars limited series 1-3(reprints),4-12 Marvel
Secrets of Haunted House 13,41,43,45 DC
Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes limited series 1-3 DC
Sensational She-Hulk 1-7 Marvel
Shadow War of Hawkman limited series 1-3 DC
Shazam! (1973) 1,2,4-6,9-11 DC
Silver Surfer (vol. 2) 1 (poor), 33 Marvel
Silver Surfer (vol. 3) 1,3,17 Marvel
Silverblade 1 DC
Simpsons Comics 1 Bongo
Son of Ambush Bug limited series 1-6 DC
Spanner's Galaxy mini-series 1-3,6 DC
Spectacular Spider-Man (formerly PPTSSM(A)) 3,4,25,28-31,35-37,39-41,45-47.50,61,66,68,75,76 Marvel
Spectacular Spider-Man (formerly PPTSSM(B)) 84-86,88,89,93,94,100-102,104-107,110-113,115-147 Marvel
Spectacular Spider-Man (formerly PPTSSM(C)) 150-153,155-158,161-164,169,170,180,185,189 Marvel
Spectacular Spider-Man (formerly PPTSSM(D)) 191,193-196,200,202-208,212,214,216,218 Marvel
Spectacular Spider-man (formerly PPTSSM(E)) 219,223-227 Marvel
Spectacular Spider-man (formerly PPTSSM(F)) Annual 4,7,8,12 Marvel
Spider-Man 1,2,25-30,33,36-45,57-62 Marvel
Spider-man 2099 1 Marvel
Spider-Man Super Special 1 Marvel
Spider-Man Unlimited 1-4,9 Marvel
Spider-man versus Wolverine 1 Marvel
Spider-Man, Storm and Power Man One Shot (unnumbered) Marvel
Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha 1 Marvel
Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega 1 Marvel
Spider-woman 45 Marvel
Spidey Super Stories 31 (poor) Marvel
Spitfire and the Troubleshooters 1-3,5,8 Marvel (NU)
Star Brand 1-3,7 Marvel (NU)
Star Wars 3-6,13-15,46-49,51,52,59,61,63,64,67,94 Marvel
Strikeforce: Morituri 1,2 Marvel
Suicide Squad (1986) 1-3,5,9,13 DC
Super Friends 5,7,33 DC
Super Powers limited series vol. I 5 DC
Super Powers limited series vol. II 1-6 DC
Super Powers limited series vol. III 1-4 DC
Super-Villain Team-Up 3,11 Marvel
Superboy 156,160,166,167 DC
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes 219,237,240-247,250,255-258,261, DC
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (reprints of DC) 245 Whitman
Supergirl (1982) 16 DC
Superman (89?) 1,2,13,76,78,80,82,83-86,100 DC
Superman (part A) 146,223,230,280,295,302,305,312,322,325,331,356 DC
Superman (part B) 360,365,376,403,407,412,413,423,441 DC
Superman Special 1,3 DC
Superman: The Man of Steel 20,22,25-28,30 DC
Superman: The Secret Years mini-series 2 DC
Sword of the Atom mini-series 1-4,Special 1 DC
Tales of Suspense 92 Marvel
Tales of Suspense 99 Marvel
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps 1,2 DC
Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes 325-328 DC
Tales of the New Teen Titans mini-series 2,3 DC
Tales of the Teen Titans 56-58 DC
Teen Titans Spotlight 1,3,11,20 DC
The 'Nam 1,2 Marvel
The Cat 1 Marvel
The Dreamery 1 Eclipse
The Infinity Crusade 2 Marvel
The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man 1-4 Marvel
The Man of Steel mini-series 2,3,6 DC
The New Teen Titans (1980) 16,18,20,21,23-25,28,29,32-34,36,38-40,43,44,46-49 DC
The New Teen Titans (1980) (part B) 51,52,59-64,66,75-79,88,90 Annual 1,2 DC
The New Teen Titans (1984) 8,34 DC
The New Teen Titans Drug Awareness one shot One Shot DC
The Outsiders 27 DC
The Thing 3,15,21,23,26,27,30,36 Marvel
The Three Stooges 3D 2 Eclipse
The Weird 1 DC
The World of Krypton 1 DC
Thor (part A) 142,144,154,155,159,164,166,171,172,177 Marvel
Thor (part B) 363,373,374,383,410,411 Marvel
Thor Special 3 Marvel
Transformers limited series 2,3 Marvel
Transformers Universe 1,2 Marvel
Transformers: Head Masters 1 Marvel
Transformers: The Movie 1-3 Marvel
Trollords 1 Tru studios
Uncanny X-Men (part A) 37,56,61,63,71,143,146,149-153,161,163,165,166 Marvel
Uncanny X-Men (part B) 168-170,173-218,220-258,260-273,276,292,294-297 Marvel
Uncanny X-Men (part C) 300-307,309,314,322 Annuals 7-13 Marvel
Unexpected 219 DC
Unknown Soldier 268 DC
Untold Tales of Spider-man 1 Marvel
V 1-11 DC
Venom: Funeral Pyre limited series 1-3 Marvel
Venom: The Madness 1,2 Marvel
Vision and the Scarlet Witch limited series 1-4 Marvel
Vision and the Scarlet Witch limited series vol. II 1-4,6,7,12 Marvel
Void Indigo 2 Marvel (Epic)
Wanted 4,5,9 DC
Warriors 2,3 Adventure
Web of Spider-Man 6,8-10,12,13,16-29,31-33,58,66,67,69,70,73,86 Marvel
Web of Spider-Man (part B) 90-92,94-97,100-109,112,124-128 Annual 8 Marvel
Web of Spiderman (part B)
West Coast Avengers limited series 1-4 Marvel
What If (vol 1) 37 Marvel
What If… vol. II 50 (Hulk kills Wolverine),51,53,58 Marvel
What The..? 2-4 Marvel
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 1-9,11-14 DC
Wolverine 43,62,75 Marvel
Wolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence 1-3 Marvel
Wolverine limited series 1,2 (2) Marvel
Wonder Man one shot 1 Marvel
Wonder Woman (1986) 12 DC
World's Finest Comics 185,187,189,190,192,263,273,281,300,302,316,317 DC
X 1 Dark Horse
X-Factor 23,34-36,38,39,41,43,44,61,84-86,93-95,97,98 Marvel
X-Force 13,16-18,24,26,29 Marvel
X-Men 1,10,12,14-17,20-26,30,33,34 Marvel
X-Men 2099 1 Marvel
X-Men and the Micronauts mini-series 1,3 Marvel
X-Men Unlimited 3,5 Marvel
X-Men vs. Avengers mini-series 1-4 Marvel
Zatanna Special 1 DC