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3/16 - What's new:  I have moved the site to a new host!  The new host has no annoying ads...or even non-annoying ads...and will be a happy place for to reside.  I've begun changing the links on this end to go to the new site (if you don't see ads, you're there).  Update your bookmarks... will still get you there, but sub-pages will now be named things like ''
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Pioneer Valley Open
(All 6 weapons + unclassified events) Sat 20-Mar-2004

Send me your competitions for inclusion in the list above...anything you want to draw people to (we'll assume you don't need out-of-division fencers coming to qualifiers) feel free to send, I'll post them as soon as possible..
I frequently scour the net for these kinds of competitions myself, so check back often to see if there are any updates.

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H.F.A. Desktop Fencing, a great little computer fencing game created by a fencer from the Hertfordshire Fencing Association (UK). Download it now!!!
Also available is a demo of 'Blademaster', a more advanced fencing computer game.  You can download the 3-minute playable demo from Leon Paul.  Also available through this link are some screen savers & videos on how Leon Paul makes their stuff!

Don't forget to check out Fenlibs! By VERY popular demand (I received more feedback on this little quirk than anything else on the site), there is a Male and a Female version.

Finally, lo those many years ago, I started writing a fencing novel. I put the first few parts up in serial format, but never got incredibly far with it. It's called "A Champion Alone" and it starts HERE.  If anyone has any interest in reading more (again, this was started a LOOOONG time ago, but I pick it up & play with it every once in a while), let me know and perhaps I shall post more.

Featured Site of the Week
If there is a site you think is worthy of being featured here, please let me know.
Featured site for the week of February 9:
This is from, and is a great resource for anyone who wants to know a little more about the technical aspects of fencing.  It's a fairly basic overview of how & why fencing equipment functions as it does.  I believe Justin Meehan contributed most of the information to this site.

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