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Personal Info

As you could probably tell from the name of this page, I am Jim Ferrone (pronounced Fur-own), AKA Superfly, AKA fenfool, AKA the computer guy and oh webmaster (see Healthnet button below), Ruffy(...I miss my dog...), but I digress...

I also have a regular home page, The Page of Fen if you want to know more about my non-fencing interests.

I have been fencing for 10 years, I coached the Lawrenceville School's team for two, and have plans to hopefully do some private coaching soon. I attended and fenced for North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, NJ from 87-91. I was team captain my senior year, and our team was 3rd in Cetrulo's and 4th in States that year.

Big-ish Tournaments:
I did National Championships in Dolton, Il. in 92, and at Ft. Meyers in 94 (I think that was the year). Both times I did Div. II Epee, the first year I did U-20 Saber. My best result was Mid-Atlantic Sectionals in 1993, where I took 8th. Unfortunately, they screwed up the format so I got neither a higher rating or a medal out of it. D'oh!!!!

I am a senior-ish at Rutgers College...English major, reformed computer science minor...I work for the department of Healthed as the webmaster (see healthnet button) and computer management guru-type guy. I also do stage techie work, mostly at the Edward Nash Theater at the Raritan Valley Community College, from which I graduated.

If you want to give me a job, you can take a look at my Resume.

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