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May 15
Nets 103 - Hornets 95

Wow, is anyone better in the fourth quarter than the Nets?  Let's hope not, because they'll need to keep up their heroics against Boston.  The Celts come in with a swagger, but the Nets have the determination to wipe that smirk right off Paul Pierce's face. 

Great shots in the fourth quarter Wednesday by Kittles, Van Horn, Kidd & Martin...a nice well-rounded effort that made up for a foul-plagued first three quarters.  77 fouls were called, and three players (including Jason Collins) fouled out.  I briefly wondered if the Nets would need Bill Walton, who was in attendence, to come in for a few minutes at center.  Speaking of which, has anyone been reading his 'Love it Live' reports?  Man, I think this dude has been smoking something NASTY!

Heroes and Goats

The Nets are going to need EVERYONE to step up in order to beat the Celtics.  I actually had a bad feeling about this series a few weeks ago, but I'm starting to come around.  It will be a tough series, but I believe the Nets CAN win it...but they'll need Kenyon to step up on offense & defense, Keith to play aggressively like he's shown he can in some spots during this playoff run, Kittles needs to be more consistant & Kidd needs to be Kidd...if all this happens, I truly believe we could be seeing the NBA finals come to the swamp this year.
Anyone else notice that EVERY time the crowd gets buzzed, then the Nets force a turnover & try for a 3-point shot, EVERY time, that shot misses???  I can't count the number of times a trey would have blown the roof off the CAA, but bounced away instead.